Street scenes in Bexhill-on-Sea.

The Story of Bexhill Street Names

In 1996 the Bexhill Museum Association published the first-ever attempt to explain how Bexhill-on-Sea's street and road names had been acquired. That work was carried out by the Museum's Local History Forum led by Alan Beecher.

The 2014 second edition was put together by the Museum's Local History Study Group led by Dr. Paul Wright. It started to include details of street names which no longer existed and some place names often found on maps. Dates of when a street first appears and adoption dates (where available) are now recorded.

This online edition is being updated regularly with all new roads and streets. If you have any additional information, suggestions or corrections, please email

Please note, many of these street names are neologisms, in other words they have simply been made up by the builder or developer. These can be difficult to identify or locate official documentation for - we accept we may have missed some or misinterpreted others.

Alan Beecher, Bexhill Museum's Local History Forum, 1996

Dr. Paul Wright, Bexhill Museum's Local History Study Group, 2014

Alexis Markwick, Bexhill OpenStreetMap




Requiring further research

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Bexhill Museum Street Directories (website)

Rother District Council - Street Naming and Numbering (website)

The Battle and District Historical Society - Road Names Project (website)

The routes and numbers of various trunk and county roads through Bexhill have changed over the years. Four examples are included here for comparison and interest:

1930 1956 1973 2011